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A Personal View

My personal view is that this British breed is in need of more experienced UK breeders considering it as a second if not main breed. Norwich Terriers make ideal companions and if you exhibit, then you will have already noticed that Norwich Terriers are frequently highly placed at group level in championship shows.

About  the Tebrun Kennel

I had been looking for a smaller breed with enough character to fit in with my six Rottweilers, and after some time investigating various breeds I was introduced to Norwich Terriers. I was then fortunate enough to get my foundation bitch Bunty (Armagret First Love at Tebrun), who immediately settled into the Tebrun household without any problems, and in fact she very quickly ruled the roost. Ever seen a dog the size of a Norwich take a bone away from a Rottweiler?

First came Dealer, Ji-Ro’s Skyehawk over Tebrun, who was bred by  Mrs. Jill Rourke and Mrs. Debra Hinze.

Second: Raven, Arcadian Royal Parakonan at Tebrun. He was bred by Mrs. Kathleen Wherley (previously: Attwood) and her daughter Emily. However, I did not want him to spend six months in quarantine (required at that time) so a friend, Mrs Ulla Gronlund (kennel Patchwork) who is a well respected and experienced breeder in Finland, offered to keep him for the quarantine period. While in Finland he sired some nice puppies for Ulla and he is now appearing in pedigrees in several European countries. Meanwhile, Ulla had obtained a Dealer son, Wickworth Lord Macintosh, from Mrs. Gillian Ford, so Dealer’s bloodlines are also being put to good use in Europe.

Third: Venture, Am Ch Abbedale’s Venture to Tebrun, bred by Mrs. Joan Eckert.

I felt deeply honoured that Joan let me have Venture as Joan is well known by Norwich Terrier breeders in America not only to care deeply about health matters but also to breed top winning Norwich Terriers.

The day Bunty  joined us. With thanks to her  breeder Margaret Connelly.

Bunty  at a championship show..

Sadly Bunty crossed the rainbow bridge at 14 years and 7 months old.

However she left us with very happy memories and a G G G granddaughter to carry on the line.

Vulnerable breed

The Norwich Terrier has been declared “a vulnerable breed” by The Kennel Club. This is a sad situation for such a delightful breed, especially in its country of origin.Being aware of the small gene pool in the UK, I decide to import different bloodlines from America.

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